Detergent Powder

Detergent Powder

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DETZYME-PRO CLEAN is product of EBPL, which is high performance blend of hydrolyzing enzymes. Used in laundry and dish wash detergents which helps to remove protein containing stains.It is stabilized protease enzyme product .Even when formulated with other enzyme , it can remain stable.
SPECIFICATIONS:  Appearance-Light to dark brown liquid.
 Density-1.1-1.3 g/L (at ambient).  
Solubility-Water soluble.
 Active Ingradient -Protease.  
Declared Activity-2,00,000 PC/g
 pH of solution-4.8-6.2
DOSAGE &APPLICATION & LIMITATIONS: Optimum dosage of DETZYME-PRO CLEAN depends on  Surfactant detergent composition enzyme concentration  Detergent concentration, washing time,soaking time and its temperature  Proper mixing,water level at the time of soaking with garment,type of garment ,its use for Laundromats, health care facilities, and resale in convenience stores.
 Recommended dosage of DETZYME-PRO CLEAN is 0.3-1.7% weight /weight detergent.
 INACTIVATION: By raising temperature above 80°C for 12 minutes or by increasing pH above 12 for 11 minutes , inactivate DETZYME-PRO CLEAN .
 PACKAGING AND SHELF LIFE : DETZYME-PRO CLEAN available in 10/30Kg Jerry cans and can be packed as per customer request.It should be stored in cool and dry place.
Store at cool and dry place (Room mTemperature). DETZYME-PRO CLEAN . HANDLING: At the time of handling of material use PPE (Hand gloves,Mask,Safety goggles).The material should be store in a cool and dry place.MSDS enclosed